Psychotherapy or Counselling

Individual Psychotherapy

How do i know what i need? What is the difference between Counselling and Psychotherapy? In which case is the one or the other indicated?


Counselling might be necessary for someone, when they wish to discuss something that concerns them and for which they can find no resolution. They need a different point of view from the one friends or relatives might provide. They are in need of scientific counsel (hence the term counselling) on how to resolve the problem they are facing. It is a short-term process, during which the internal world of the individual is not deeply analysed.


Psychotherapy is a profound, long-term process, primarily based on the good therapeutic relationship between client and psychologist. This good relationship is defined by a climate of mutual acceptance, trust, transparency, and, on behalf of the therapist, empathy. The willingness of the recipient of therapy to work with themselves and deal with the difficulties that will emerge plays an important role in the process of psychotherapy. Experience has shown that patience is a great asset up until the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel emerges.


The choice between counselling and psychotherapy depends on the nature of the problems and the degree of the feeling of being internally “blocked”. It also depends on how prepared the interested party is in “diving” deep inside themselves, i.e. entering a structured therapeutic process. During the first meeting the psychologist discusses the problem with the client, and they will decide on further action together.