The services we provide are:

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Individual Psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy is defined by the binary framework of psychotherapist and client in treatment.

Couple Counselling / Therapy

A couple approaches the marriage counsellor / couples’ therapist either because the partners would like to remain in the relationships or because they are considering breaking up.

LGBTQ+ Therapy / Counselling

In theories of the last decade, discussion around sexual orientation has been expanded to reflect its natural fluidity.

Parent & Single-Parent Family Counselling

In parent counselling the topic of conversation and reflection is the parents’ relationship with their child, as well as issues of adolescence, sexual orientation, provocative behaviours, delinquency, and addiction.

Group Therapy / Self-Awareness Groups

Group therapy and self-awareness groups are created by a set number of individuals, who meet regularly under the coordination of the therapist, having specific topics of discussion.

Additional Services

Following services are additional provided: